What to Bring: 

1. Please keep a detailed food journal for 5 days as follows:


Food & Beverage

How it was prepared (You, restaurant, friend )

How much you had (keep it simple... no need to measure or weigh)

2. Please have your physicians’ office send me your latest COMPLETE blood work

( Fax: #631-499-0723, email: spectorrd@verizon.net )

For pediatric patients, please include growth records as well.

3. Bring any vitamins/minerals/supplements you’d like me to evaluate.

  1. 4.List of all medications (including dosage, frequency and name of prescribing physician)

What we’ll discuss; things I might ask about:

Medical/Surgical/Family History

Diet/Weight History


Food allergies/Intolerances

Body movement

Review of all Materials brought to 1st appointment

How do I go about scheduling an appointment ?

You can call my office if you would like to make an appointment: (631) 864-6918

Once you have made your initial appointment, you can download my new patients forms

Bring these forms to your first appointment. If you don’t have the ability to print, I can provide copies at your first appointment.


Your First Appointment